Pre-Payment Funeral Plans

How to plan the funeral that you want

An increasing number of people are deciding to make their own funeral plans. This ensures not only that their wishes are respected, but it can also reduce some of the anxiety that their loved ones will feel at the time of loss.
How many of you have spent time organising and arranging a Christening, Wedding, Christmas or even a holiday? I believe the ultimate and most important event to plan is a funeral, be it someone else's or even your own. I have noticed over the last 12 years how more people are aware of pre planning their funeral, and making their own ideas work. Something I am involved with on a regular basis and am delighted to offer a pre-payment funeral plan in conjunction with The Ethical Funeral Plans Trust. A plan that is transparent and personal, allowing payment for specific needs.
Everyone has different needs. What suits one person doesn't necessarily suit another. So why do all funeral plans treat people as though they are the same?
Well, there is a funeral plan that doesn't - the Wendy Clarkson Funeral Services Bespoke Plan, provided in conjunction with the Ethical Funeral Plans Trust which is the only Funeral Planning Trust committed to investing your plan funds as ethically as possible. It starts, and finishes, by finding out what your funeral wishes are, and then designing a funeral plan around them. Your wishes are at the centre of the process. Visit for more information.

You Only Pay for What You Want

Because the Wendy Clarkson Funeral Services Bespoke Plan only includes the components that you choose, it can often cost less than a 'package' funeral plan.  So, instead of a personalised funeral plan costing you more, you can get a tailored service that is less expensive than an 'off the peg' solution.

Full Security for Your Funds

When you take out a Wendy Clarkson Funeral Services Bespoke Plan, the payment that you make is paid into the Trust Fund. This makes your funds totally secure. So whatever happens in the future, the funds will be there to pay for your funeral at the time of need.

You Choose the Way that You Pay

If you would like to pre-pay for your Bespoke Funeral Plan by one lump sum (at today's prices), that's fine. But if you would prefer to pay by monthly instalments over any period from twelve months to five years, that's fine too. In fact, if you choose to pay over twelve months, there is no interest payable. Thereafter, interest is payable at the rate of 6% per annum compound. 
How do I get an idea of what my 'Bespoke Funeral Plan' would Cost?
Contact Wendy to discuss your requirements.