There certainly is such a thing as 'A Good Funeral'. Simplicity is often the key, and being personal and appropriate is both satisfying and can help afterwards.

It's good to talk and albeit a brave thing to discuss and organise, pre-planning your own funeral arrangements is very wise and can be comforting.

   Wendy is available to give families advice on funeral planning & ceremonies with attention to detail.
  Personal guidance and help regarding all aspects of a funeral at affordable prices with no delegation.
  Specialising in woodland funerals, bio-degradable coffins & personally made bespoke shrouds. Wendy can also give advice on and conduct green cremations.
  Helping those who wish to die at home. Offering portable cooling facilities, particularly helpful for children and babies.
  Encouraging family involvement.
  Wendy, who has had nine years experience running an award winning Natural Burial site and arranging funerals, is now an independent green funeral director & celebrant.
  Wendy also conducts cremations & arranges 'pre-payment funeral plans'.
  Environmentally conscious.
  24 hour personal attendance.


Funeral Ceremonies

Guidance on a personal funeral. A celebration of life.
Traditional or contemporary, semi-religious, informal or formal.

Preparation for 'A good funeral' is probably one of the most important events, and of course it is the last gesture that can be done for a loved one. There is no practise and no rehearsal, but so many small and personal things can be done, which does help the grieving process.

If it is legal, dignified & respectful, anything goes!

The Woodland sites close to Wendy are:

Brocklands at Rathmell, near Settle, North Yorks.  (www.brocklands.co.uk)
Tarn Moor Memorial Woodland, Skipton, North Yorks.   (www.tarnmoor.co.uk)

There are over 300 woodland sites in the UK (see www.naturaldeath.org.uk for a full list), at any of which Wendy would be happy to advise, arrange or lead a ceremony.

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